Tennessee Based Concert Photographer

Live music photography, portraits and head shots for the entertainment industry

Music makes the world go 'round! That's why Eric Gebhart, a commercial photographer based in Knoxville, Tennessee specializes in music entertainment photography. His quest to capture the excitement of the concert experience and the connection between fans and artists has led him to shoot for Rolling Stone, ABC Television, EW Scripps and many others. Some of the most important elements of concert photography are composition, lighting and timing. But Eric's 25 years of experience allows him to go beyond those elements and find the details and emotions unique to each live performance, ultimately creating stunning photographs consistent with the artist's image/brand. He's traveled throughout the southeast U.S. including Nashville, TN, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL. creating dynamic imagery while respecting the performers' wishes and adhering to the guidelines set for each shoot.

At the request of customers, Eric's live music photography service has grown to include music and entertainment portraits. He takes the time to understand the persona of each artist and collaborates with them by exploring concepts to illustrate their personality in a creative way. From basic head shots to conceptual group shots you can feel confident in Eric's technical ability, and his expertise in directing subjects to make them look their best.

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